Liberating the use
of Personal Data (PII)

for the purpose of business growth and
operational optimization

Generating high-quality synthetic data both On-premise and over the cloud, Datomize offers your organization the ability to innovate, collaborate and monetize.

  • Reducing both time and cost by offering high quality synthetic data for testing, development and AI modeling
  • Increasing collaboration internally as well as externally with 3rd party companies
  • Meeting privacy compliance

The Datomize technological solution

allows us to learn and understand your organization’s data, and generating appropriate high-quality synthetic data accordingly.

Datomize’s synthetic data is generated through advanced AI and Machine Learning technology and is irreversible, offering guaranteed privacy which complies with the most stringent privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA and others).
Datomize’s solution liberates the use of Personal Data (PII) and furnishes you peace of mind.

Datomize is able to analyse your data, no matter how complex, uncleansed or multi-dimensional it is.

Datomize distinguishes important features within the original data, and synthesize new data that preserves the main behavioral features identified, such as: feature distributions, entity relationships, correlations between different characteristics, and event sequences.

With Datomize any organization can generate high quality synthetic data while preserving the behavior of the original data, not just for simple tasks, but for complex tasks too.

Our leadership team

Our leadership team brings years of experience building synthetic
data products and business-to-business software companies.

Avi Weiss

Co-founder and CEO

Sigal Shaked

Co-founder and CTO

Roy Yogev

Co-founder, Marketing and Business development

Amos Zamir

Senior System architect

Prof. Bracha Shapira

Science advisory board

Prof. Lior Rokach

Science advisory board

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